Rhythm Resource Ltd, 57, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH14 5TB, UK.
Company No: SC486264
Tel: (+44) (0) 771 253 0343
Email: team@rhythm-resource.com

Welcome to Rhythm Resource!

We are a specialist team dedicated to providing high quality instruments at great prices and teaching resources that are accessible to everyone. As a partner company with Infectious Grooves Ltd, all of the products we stock have been personally road tested through rigorous use during our workshops and performances. Therefore, we can personally vouch for the quality and durability of every item that you will buy from us. Likewise, all of the teaching resources that we provide have been developed over the years through working in education and many teachers have successfully used our material for years of creative music making and performances.

The catalyst for setting up this online shop was the result of many teachers, students and parents asking us where they can get the instruments and resources that we’re using. They want a safe place that they can trust with good after sales support and instruments that sound great and know what they are getting. So here is Rhythm Resource!

Release the Rhythm!

We hold stock of the following brands:

  • J.Leiva Percussion
  • Kambala Percussion
  • Contemporânea Percussion
  • Bucara Percussion
  • Vic Firth sticks

For more information contact us using the contact details above.!

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