Samba Nesting Drum Pack by Contemporanea


RRP £660

Samba Nesting Drum Pack by Contemporanea

Contemporanea Nesting Samba Pack for 15 players.

High quality authentic Brazilian Samba percussion kit for 15 players. All nests into a single case. Suitable for classroom use and workshops.

1 Free Standing Small Surdo 12" x 40cm (Nesting) - Blue 1 Free Standing Medium Surdo 14" x 40cm (Nesting) - Green 1 Free Standing Large Surdo 16"" x 40cm (Nesting) - Yellow 1 Hard Case Cover for Nesting Surdo 3 Short Surdo/Zabumba Mallet 34cm - Olodum 5 Tamborim 6" Nylon  5 Tamborim Stick - Wooden 3 Agogo Bells, Mini Double Black 4 Ganza - Small, Single Aluminium Samba Percussion from Contemporanea, one of the finest makers in Brazil. (Image for illustration only)

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